Care and Handling

Care and Handling


1. ALWAYS use a pre-heated oven for best results.

2. Always put your frozen pastry into your freezer immediately on delivery.

3. Our pastry is frozen to give you the best possible results, but if you prefer to temper the pastry before use, do so in a fridge 24 hours before use. Our steak pie lids should be cooked from frozen for best results.

4. Scoring/holemaking: Some users prefer to score the pastry or make holes in the lids for their steak pies. Always do so after tempering the pastry. Although making holes in steak pie lids is a common practice, our experience has shown that this actually prevents the lid from rising properly.

5. Scotch pie lids: To aid separation of these small lids, place in your freezer upon delivery and temper back one hour before use.